Take Your Daughter/Son to Work @ PCHR


Thursday’s visitors got added help from a young helper, as PCHR’s Monica Gonzalez manned the front desk with her daughter, Gabrielle, as part of the national Take Your Daughter/Son to Work initiative. Mom and her mini-Me helped connect those who called or came to the office with information they need to combat discriminatory practices in employment, housing and public accommodations.

Take Your Daughter/Son to Work

PCHR staffer Monica Gonzalez and her daughter, Gabrielle, manned the desk during Take Your Daughter/Son to Work Day.

The dynamic duo opened the day at City Hall with scores of other young people and their parents that gathered to meet with Mayor Michael A. Nutter. He spoke to them about the value of sharing passion and exposure to the next generation, and then took time to greet those extra helpers at the special morning ceremony.

“I wanted her to have the experience of it all, to understand what we do and to meet people,” Gonzalez said. “It’s good for her to see that people like that are accessible. And it’s good for her to know that she can hold these positions one day.”

For Gabrielle, going to City Hall was the highlight of the day — even though she also got to show off her creative side with a dry erase board and markers, too.

“I got to see the mayor, and he said, ‘Hi!’ And he asked me where I went to school,” the second-grader said. “It was fun.”

Student art

A vacation vision, compliments of Gabrielle






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