Team PCHR reads for a cause

On Friday, the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce sponsored its 10th annual Read to Me initiative, flooding nearly 120 classrooms at some two dozen Philadelphia public schools with volunteer readers.

PCHR — represented by Commissioner Sarah Ricks, Rue Landau, executive director, Nia Ngina Meeks, director of communications and Naarah Crawley, executive assistant — joined the army of the willing, armed with a copy of Rocket Writes a Story, by Tad Hills. The event drew area CEOs and civic activists, along with Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. and members of his team.

Read to Me

Commissioner Sarah E. Ricks, Esq., and her class at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School

Read to Me

Rocket Writes a Story was the 2014 “Read to Me” selection, shared with early learners by Team PCHR

After a morning mixer at the School District of Philadelphia headquarters that offered the volunteers coffee and a firm reminder from GPCC President and CEO Rob Wonderling to “bring out your best bark,” Team PCHR boarded vans and departed for their designated schools, where eager 5- and 6-year-olds awaited.

And they indeed brought their best set of storytelling skills throughout the morning.

Read to Me and Team PCHR

GPCC President Rob Wonderling and Team PCHR: Naarah Crawley, Commissioner Sarah Ricks and Executive Director Rue Landau prep to read to kiddies across the city.

“I had so much fun,” Ricks said. “What a wonderful way to start the day, and the weekend. And the kids were so excited. It was wonderful to have PCHR involved in this effort.”

PCHR reads at McMichael

PCHR’s Naarah Crawley celebrates reading with students at McMichael Elementary School.

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