PCHR: Global tutor on American civil rights

PCHR again played host to a crop of young scholars from the Middle East visiting the United States through Temple University’s Dialogue Institute.

Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders is a multi-week, multicity program sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of State. It is one of several programs the Dialogue Institute presents.

The exchanges allow students from abroad – in this case hailing from Turkey, Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon – to get a better sense of American democracy through government and culture in action, with lessons direct from experienced practitioners.

The cohort visiting Philadelphia focused on immigration, race relations, civil rights and enforcement efforts.

Guiding the discussions on this trip were experts from the Mayor’s Office on Multicultural and Immigrant Affairs and PCHR, speaking of the role of local government in immigration and minority affairs.

Deputy Directors Randy Duque and Pamela Gwaltney each gave presentations on the challenges and opportunities for cultivating harmony alongside pluralism in an urban setting. Patricia Coyne, veteran PCHR community relations representative, provided a more on-the-ground perspective and anecdotes.

“We were able to help dispel some misconceptions they had and explore their thoughts on civil rights law,” Gwaltney said. “It was a lively and exciting exchange.”

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