Reflections and honor: Thoughts on September 11

Like most in the nation, we at PCHR have taken a moment to reflect on the devastation that was unleashed 14 years ago, remembering the lives lost and impacted, in New York, New Jersey and right here, in Pennsylvania.

We reflect on the powerful testimony that came in the form of neighbors comforting and aiding strangers, demonstrating what “human relations” are all about. By the same token, we cannot forget or ignore the poisonous and lingering effects of fearing the “other” that arose, elements we battle still.

Fear, intolerance, hatred — these are not part of our credo.
Liberty, happiness, justice for all — these are words by which we live.

We work so that the spirit of one can never overtake that of the other, that which is truest to our identity. It’s what helps guide us here at PCHR each and every day.

In memory of those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for those values we hold dear, we salute you on this day.

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