Joining forces globally, pulling for peace locally


The goals of the International Day of Peace certainly are laudable – a day without war or violence, replaced with kindness and meditation about how we can all better get along with each other, help each other be our absolute best selves. What’s not to love?

So on this Peace Day, as we embrace the tens of thousands descending on Philadelphia for the epic World Meeting of Families, we invite all of our neighbors to take a moment today to practice peace.

It could be as simple as holding your tongue when you’re annoyed or angry. It might be a kind act for a child or an elder. Or hugging someone (theoretically, with permission). There are a host of activities to check out across the city, and you can always visit Peace Day Philly if you need more ideas to get started.

Let’s showcase the best of ourselves today. With all of that practice under our belt, we could even extend those good vibes to the next day, and the one after that. Before you know it, we could reverse the negative trends in this city. Fewer bullets, more hugs. Who could argue with that?

The United Nations – the driving force of this initiative – certainly wouldn’t. That esteemed body named 2015’s theme, “Partnerships for Peace – Dignity for All.” That’s especially fitting for us here at PCHR.

Cultivating and maintaining peace is central to our mission, and we’d never get anywhere close to those goals without our partners. So here’s a shout out to the people whose volunteer and professional careers help us keep harmony flowing from every corner of the city.

Thanks to all of you for joining with us to do this work, long after the cameras and hashtags are gone. Let’s all try to keep those good vibes going.

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