October: Honoring a rainbow of rights, heritage and history

As October opens, so does commemoration of a host of notable observances.

This is LGBT History Month, German-American Heritage Month, Islamic Heritage Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Italian-American Heritage Month and, the closing weeks of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Rainbow-flagIt’s apropos that attention is drawn to these areas in October, because in Philadelphia, it’s also Human Relations Month.

While PCHR focuses on bringing greater harmony and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds in this city every day, October gives us added time to reflect on what this melting pot — or tossed salad, depending on your view — has brought to our city.

For certain, Philly would not be Philly without all the aforementioned, along with many others. We are a city built on the idea of tolerance and freedom, brimming with communities featuring a rainbow of ethnic, religious, cultural residents and visitors.

Sounds like as good a time as any to seek and celebrate these shared intersections, to make a commitment to learn from and about each other for these 31 days. Guaranteed your life will be richer for the effort!

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